Jackie Dahlheimer

Studio Owner & Founding TEACHER



Alignment, assisting, speaking to my students hearts, keepin it real.


Over 1,000 hours of teacher training's and further education.

4 years - Life Coach | 9 yrs- Yoga Instructor 44 years- school of life!

Why Yoga for me?

I found Yoga more than 15 years ago to heal my body. Yoga showed  me how to heal myself. How to hear what my heart wanted. And to take action towards my dreams.  

What inspires you about the HOY community?

The willingness of this community to grow so quickly. Many of our students are new to yoga. They come in and commit to explore with no expectation of being perfect! Our students and teachers see the benefit of the practice and actively share their experiences with the community. I can¹t tell you how many times in a week I hear one of my students say, "My friend said I should come."

Why do you teach?

I teach to help people heal.  I teach to learn about myself. I teach because it the greatest job on the planet. I am so grateful to get to experience so much about myself, about the human spirit, the body and its ability to overcome all obstacles.

What fires you up off the mat?

My family and friends. I love seeing them reach their goals and live their dreams. I am truly a kid at heart, so i get pretty fired up about opportunities to go outside and play.