Extending the Power of Your Yoga Practice

House of Yoga offers a variety of workshops, teacher training, Reiki, and massages. Explore our current offerings below and extend the power of your yoga practice.

Workshops at House of Yoga

Learn about and register for one of our upcoming workshops at House of Yoga.

Teacher Training at House of Yoga

Connect. Transform. Inspire. Discover power immersion teacher training at House of Yoga.

Awaken your most authentic expression and connect to your inner voice. We believe that a yoga teacher can connect heart to heart with his or her students, speaking authentically from personal experiences and sharing the practice of yoga with others. An exceptional teacher promotes an exceptional way of being.

Take this next step in your yoga practice and discover how to lead authentically and exceptionally on and off your mat.

 Learn about our upcoming yoga teacher training immersion experiences below.

Reiki at House of Yoga

Reiki is a form of energy healing that taps into the universal life energy as a source of healing. During Reiki, a therapeutic energy healer transfers this universal life energy to individuals through a laying of hands either on or near their bodies. A Reiki session can help improve your physical well-being, sharpen your mental focus, stimulate emotional healing, reduce stress, and help you relax. 

Experience a renewal of energy in your life from Elizabeth Shorten Hinegardner, therapeutic energy healer, at House of Yoga.


One-Hour Reiki Session $XX.XX with Elizabeth Shorten Hinegardner

By appointment only

Please contact House of Yoga at 717.793.2393 or email us to schedule a Reiki appointment.

Massages at House of Yoga

Reawaken, renew, and refresh. Unplug from your busy schedule and reconnect with yourself with a massage at House of Yoga.


One-Hour Session $XX.XX with XXXXXXXXXX

By appointment only 

Please contact House of Yoga at 717.793.2393 or or email us to schedule a massage appointment.