About Us



House of Yoga started from humble beginnings. Our first space in the City of York, Pennsylvania, was the size of a large walk-in closet. The room fit about 10 mats comfortably (although we occasionally squeezed in a few more) with a small, loyal following of students and one teacher.  

We met as a community twice a week for close to two years. All of our classes were donation based, which went to covering our monthly rent. That space—with its crooked floors and dodgy space heater on full blast—kept us warm in a place where we moved, breathed, and grew. We lovingly called it Mexico—our place to crank up the music and allow everything to flow.

Here, yogis grew to support one another, with no judgments and no agenda. But we believed that this concept could be bigger and serve even more people. We believed that a donation-based, member-supported community could indeed thrive and enjoy financial success. What you put out into the universe returns to you: Our classes began to pack out. It was time to move into our new House, our current home at 19 W. Market St., in Downtown York, Pennsylvania. 

House of Yoga is your home away from home—a place you can go to rest, be easy, and feed your souls. Our foundation is simple: Take what you need. Give what you can. There is always enough. 

This is your House. This is House of Yoga.

What Style of Yoga Will You Find at House of Yoga?

Most of our classes are held in a space heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. We practice a power vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa (“flow”) connects movement of the body with movement of the breath.

Our practice is like a dance, a moving meditation. We encourage our community to dance and be free on their mats, and music is an instrumental part of every class: We use music to be playful, stir up change, tug at heartstrings, and inspire. For the more than 1,000 different humans who have graced House of Yoga with their presence since we opened our doors in 2016, music has inspired them and opened them up to what the physical practice of yoga is doing in their lives.

What Is a Class Like at House of Yoga?

As a tribe, we have a particular way of delivering a powerful practice. You won’t get fluffy yoga speak with us. We keep it real because this is the place to get real—relax, drop your guard, don’t be afraid. We speak from our hearts, and we are honest with each other.

Our classes inspire everyone who walks through our doors and into our home.

Our Team

At House of Yoga, you’ll witness an amazing team of teachers sharing our love for yoga. Each one of us delivers a commitment to bring yoga and wellness to every body. 

We invite you now to jump in, with open hearts, with trust that what you need is coming. We welcome all bodies, from all walks of life, to breathe, sweat, twist, grow, shift, laugh, stretch, dream, let go, feel safe, find grace, learn, and discover with us. 

Let this House That Love Built shake with joy.

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