Jackie Dahlheimer


Studio Owner & Founding Teacher


Alignment, assisting, speaking to my students’ heart, keepin’ it real.



Over 1,000 hours of teacher training and further education

Life Coach: 6 years | Yoga Instructor: 11 years | School of Life: 46+ years

Why Yoga?

I found yoga more than 18 years ago. I began the practice to help with depression. I found that over time, the more that I got present in my body, the more I could hear what my heart wanted. For me, the practice is not only a series of poses, but more a way of living, a way of being in and for the world around me. The presence that I discovered on my mat, translates, to everything I do. My practice is with me as I love, and take care of my family, it’s with me as I lead and grow this amazing community. Being a yogi did not change me, but more enhance the way I do my life. I see now, that much of my sadness that I called depression stemmed from simply not knowing who I was or why I was here. Yoga gave me my life’s work. It showed me that who I am is more then enough. Yoga taught me that each and every human has a light inside of him or her that could be wasted if not shared.

What Inspires You About the HOY Community?

The willingness of this community to grow so quickly continues to inspire me. We had an idea! Lets love and take care of each other! And they jumped in arms wide open! Many of our students came in new to yoga. They came in and committed to explore with no expectation of being perfect. This community just loves big! So often as we support one student to have free yoga, another will show up and donate extra money or buy one of our tee shirts. They don’t even think twice, they just know that together is how we thrive. Our students and teachers see the benefit of the practice and actively share their experiences with the community. It inspires me that this tribe of people from all walks of life has no fear of loving each other. I love it when I hear from traveling Yogis, and they say that we have something really special happening at House of Yoga. I believe them because I feel it every time I walk in the door.

Why Do You Teach?

Yoga is the tool that I choose to use, to speak to my students hearts. It’s the tool I use to help my students find vitality for their life. I have no interest in fixing anyone, because in truth there is nothing wrong. Only what is or isn’t working for them. Our bodies have a natural rhythm. It has a built in memory system. We Humans live on a planet that has gravity. Gravity and the stress of life can get heavy. Fact is most humans don’t like pressure. So I teach to help my students learn to relieve that pressure for themselves. I teach so I can continue to always be a student of the human spirit. I teach because I’m a seeker on a journey that never ends!

What Fires You Up Off the Mat?

My family and friends. I love seeing them reach their goals and live out their dreams. I am truly a kid at heart, so I’m always down for a journey into play. It fires me up to see people loving each other. My favorite people are the do gooders! You know who you are... The ones that are up to using their gifts, to save the world! Oh, and Dance parties! I love a good dance party.

Jacqueline Dahlheimer