Megan Woodland Hewitt

LEAD Teacher



I offer gentle, soothing yoga that is suitable for all levels and takes my students into a deep and spiritual practice of yoga that is creatively inspiring and healing.


200 hour RYT focusing on traditional hatha yoga and yoga philosophy. I have taught for almost a decade and over 1,000 classes. 

Why Yoga for me?

Because it opens up my heart and brings me into the flow of life. 

What inspires you about the HOY community?

The amazing excitement and inspiration of the teachers and the students. The beautiful family-like community of kind and lit-up people.

Why do you teach?

I like to pass the torch of what I've been offered through yoga to others and I enjoy the beautiful space created between me and my students. I learn a ton from teaching and from my students and really consider it a joint effort between teacher and student.

What fires you up off the mat?

Creating music and supporting other peoples' dreams! And playing with my dog and little kids - they are awesome!