LEAD Teacher


10 years on the mat as a student

E-RYT 200

Four years teaching

450+hrs teaching


My journey with yoga began 10 years ago. As a full time Massage Therapist, I quickly realized at the end of each day just how important it was to create a space to restore my mind and body. Yoga has taught me more then just how to stand on my head... it has allowed me to expand from the inside out. It has invited me to explore challenges from new perspectives, taught me to accept growth in any and all forms and most importantly how to stand in my own power. To not only hear my own voice but to listen closely.

What inspires you about the HOY community?

The eagerness to grow and explore...both as a community and as individuals. To come together in full support of our differences and similarities. To build upon our strengths, weaknesses and curiosities together. I am inspired to be a part of something that encourages the act of stepping into one's best self.

Why do you teach?

I teach to encourage growth. To explore what is beyond comfort zones. To help others believe in their own potential...both on and off the mat. I teach to remind myself of these things as well. To shine bright and own your voice.

What fires you up off the mat?

Loved ones. Goal setting. Bucket lists. Sunsets. Handstands :)