Gabrielle Graham

Assistant Studio Manager/TEACHER



Speaking to the soul, keeping it easy and going with the flow.


Phase one teacher training complete (100 hours), 3 years on the mat.

Why Yoga?

I practice to get free in my mind, body, and sprit. I practice so that I can keep learning, and exploring new poses and paths.

What inspires you about the HOY community?

The community and house is built from love and that's just the beginning of what the people of this community offer to many. It's my teachers, best friends, sisters, brothers, and cousins. Put simply - it's my family.

What inspires me is that when I have had a bad day I'm never alone because someone is always there and always willing to talk.

Give what you can, take what you need, there's always enough.

Why do you teach?

I teach to help heal. I teach because it is something I'm passionate about and want everyone to try.

What fires you up off the mat?

Family and friends. The opportunity to learn and grow.