Jason Konopinski


Founding Teacher

Expertise: Teaching earth-based grounding practices, meditation through movement, and leading from heart.


I’ve been practicing yoga and other movement-based practices since 2013 and teaching since 2015.

Teaching Certification - 200hr - Create Karma/House of Yoga 2018
300hr - Create Karma 2018

Why Yoga?

Like many people, I came to yoga seeking relief from physical ailments, but the practice opened my heart and brought forward connection to my highest self. Yoga is the consummate teacher -- it doesn't provide the answers, but it does equip me with the right learning to dig deeper.

What Inspires You About The HOY Community?

What *doesn't* inspire me about this community?! This community has amazed me in its willingness to try on new things: a shifting schedule, the wild dreaming, and dedication to transforming the greater York community by just hitting the mat.

Why Do You Teach?

I teach because I have something to share.

What Fires You Up Off The Mat?

Learning in all its forms. There's a lesson at the end of every cast, in every footstep and every conversation if we're willing to listen.

Jacqueline Dahlheimer