Aleah Missinger


I feel like I don't have one ... yet. everything is a continuous work in progress in my yoga practice and life in general.

I’ve completed a power immersion 200 hr. teacher training with Sarah Yukie Gingrich and Jackie Dahlheimer / Create Karma and House of Yoga.  I’m currently in a 200 hr. teacher training with Sarah Yukie Gingrich / Create Karma. I’m completing a trauma informed yoga teacher training with Bodywise Institute. I teach once a week power yoga at House of Yoga and I teach a strength training and flexibility class twice a week at Hanover Boxing Club. I practice power yoga at House of Yoga at least three times a week and have a consistent home practice of restorative yoga.

Why Yoga?

I chose yoga, all different types, all for different benefits. in one of my trainings a teacher said "I finally in my 30's looked around the room and saw men with jacked up hips and bad backs" speaking on kickboxing ..  and he's right. Yoga is a movement for me, that I can safely get my heart rate up, my mind clear, and my joints and muscles protected as long as I am informed on what is safe for my own body. I believe if it hurts, you shouldn't do it. point blank period. and yoga for me, is so soothing and moving and beautiful. its stabilizing for my life, I could never go back to life without yoga.

What Inspires You About The HOY Community?

ALL OF IT. the HOY community is literally one I’ve never experienced anything like ... so much support and love. pure love. I’ve found lifetime friends in this community, like minded beautiful people that want growth and progress and good vibes daily because that’s what life is truly about. real, genuine love.

Why Do You Teach?

I teach because it is a way for me to give back to the people that have truly made me grow into the person I am today. most of the people I teach have inspired me and helped me enhance my life in some huge way ... it feels like literally the least I could do. also, I LOVE to teach at House of Yoga. the freedom I was given is amazing, and when a class is over and everyone is dripping sweat and happy and telling me they loved it .. you just can't put a description on that feeling.

What Fires You Up Off The Mat?

I love to travel ... I love my dog tanner ... I love horror novels .. and I love to sleep in. all those things fire me up, and fill my cup so I can keep giving.

Jacqueline Dahlheimer