Lizz Dawson


Expertise: Heart-opening flows, empowering others to live their BEST lives, and magic.

Experience: 200+ hours of teacher training through Create Karma and House of Yoga
Over 3 years on the mat
An endless rabbit hole of self-development/growth/overcoming-some-tough-shit

Why Yoga?

I practiced yoga for the first time in 2015—and hated it because I wasn’t “good.”That mindset seems so far away now. I know today that the practice has nothing to do with how fit or flexible you are. Though it will transform your body physically (when I started this practice, I couldn’t even touch my toes), what it really does is transform your state of being. Yoga has cracked my heart open, unblocked my voice, and smashed fear after fear of staying hidden and small. It’s led me to a self-love—in body and spirit—that I only ever dreamed of. It’s healed a lifetime of disembodiment.

What Inspires You About The HOY Community?

After yoga found me, I went to studio after studio trying to find a home. I knew it was HOY as soon as I was greeted at the door, and I haven’t been able to walk away since. There is magic inside the walls and a magic within each of the teachers that you can’t help but catch. More

than anything, the community inspires me to continuously show up for myself, for others, and for possibility.

Why Do You Teach?

I teach to give it all away—everything I’ve been given. To lead others to softness in mind, body, and spirit; to healing; to embodiment; to their power; to god within themselves. Teaching has given me a platform to be seen, speak my Truth, and lead others to their own.

What Fires You Up Off The Mat?

Writing, running around the world, coffee and avocados, witchy shit, constantly learning and/or dancing, bodies of water, Spanish music, all the overflowing love in my life, and way too much self-exploration.

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