200 hour Open Heart TT completed this spring.

Why Yoga?

I do the yoga to let go. I believe within the four corners of our yoga mat's we have the potential to find our truest self. If you can be just that on your mat, your truest self, untainted by expectations, you will make shifts not only in your practice but in your life.  

What inspires you about the HOY Community?

Every day that I come to class I meet someone new.  This community is growing every day. I love the diversity among the classes, and the open arms that not only the teachers at HOY have, but the members of this community as well.   

Why do you teach?

I teach to help people get connected.  Connect practice to life.  I teach to learn from my students, and grow together.  

What fires you up off the mat?

Off the mat I am a York College Student majoring in Recreational Therapy. I love my major. I love working within the special needs community and adapting leisure activities to meet their needs.