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Agni & Soma: An Immersive & Balancing Practice

An immersive and balancing practice.
Agni, in Vedic tradition is understood as the primordial fire, the power of change and transformation, the guiding light in the alchemy of our lives. Soma, balances this intense fire, as the nectar of our dreams, the sweetness of life, nourishment, and the depths of our blissful inner world. Soma is the fuel that sustains the light of Agni.

Through asana we'll dance between both polarities for a unique experience of both ambition and allowance. Utilizing asana, pranayama, yin and restorative postures, and guided awareness meditation, Agni & Soma offers a complete journey through the alchemy of the Self.
This practice is available to yogis of all levels.

90min workshop
Cost: $25